Blockchain tech to power voting systems

Posted by LucyBTC on March 29, 2018.

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We’ve already written many times on how blockchain technology could potentially improve many aspects of society, such as political aspects, technological progress, sustenability projects and even charity projects. Today we found that in terms of politics and civic duty, blockchain could definitely make a difference and it’s already starting to be implemented for this purpose. As per CoinDesk, West Virginia state is now in process of trying a voting system based on blockchain. The pilot project will be using a mobile app dedicated to absentee voters in particular. Why blockchain? Because this will make the process more secure and will guarantee full anonymity. The voting process for people who can’t physically be present at voting time and fulfil their civic duties can be an issue for several reasons, especially when it comes to full fairness and protecting privacy. We’re confident this is only an early stage of blockchain developments such as this and we’re eager to monitor many other similar projects. Blockchain would be the perfect solution for many voting issues around the world, the technology could fix severe issues which trigger scandals and internal political issues, especially when it comes to citizens voting from outside their country.

Even the European Parliament has recently published an article where they’re promoting blockchain as a solution for e-voting (which is already implemented in countries like Estonia), the european institution has declared the positive impact would mean higher participation rates, due to accesibility and anonymity. All things considered, blockchain technology has all the means to become a solid pilar of democracy, as long as governments and public institutions will be open minded and eager enough to trial apps and platforms offering such services. The increased usage of Blockchain will inevitably ensure cryptocurrencies a solid future as well.



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