Ethereum has passed another stage of their scaling solution and we’re excited

Posted by LucyBTC on 06/09/2017.

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Similarly to Bitcoin, ETH is also experiencing high traffic and a wide number of transactions which are slowing the speed of the network. And following the BTC example – Lightning Network, ETH has also proceeded with The Raiden project, which has been mentioned ever since 2015 when work on it has begun, hoping to bring a solution for making payments faster and better copping with high volume of transactions. The Raiden project has added today a new stage for its accomplishment: a test network. This will become an important step, as will help developpers decide on the next step and complete their work for making the ethereum network go live.

Just as the rest of the cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is showing a nice come back after the massive fall from the previous 2 days, and we are confident Raiden news might boost ETH value even more. Updates and news coming from the major coins always bring either a lot of comfort and hope, either potential negative impact. Bitcoin and Ethereum have a solid impact over all the coins cost and the overall trend. We’re watching you, ETH and BTC!




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