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25 free spins on sign up, up to 3.5BTC reload bonuses and rewarding sports and casino tournaments happening monthly. That's Fortune Jack Casino in a nutshell, but we believe it's worth it that we go a little deeper, let's find out why joining Fortune Jack will boost your earnings.




Founded in 2013, FortuneJack is a creation that derived from the trailblazing innovators. The world-renowned Bitcoin Casino is operating under its parent company Nexus Group and...


If you’re looking for best bitcoin games, BitcoinCasino.io is a top notch choice. Why? 5 mins withdrawals, plenty bonus free spins on sign up, lots of reload bonuses, plus a wide variety of bitcoin dice and bitcoin poker games. 



We’ve long ago established that casinos with bitcoin online payment are a great destination if you want to have a safe and fast payout experience. Plus, the innovation is the key when it comes to bitcoin...


Bitstarz Casino, one of the best crypto casinos out there, are announcing one of their major promotions this season: Journey to Russia. They’ve got 2 tickets to the soccer World Cup Final, take your shot! The new and exciting even takes place until June 20, only real money bets will count for the tourney final scoreboard.

All you have to to is wager the most you can (on any games, including table games which have a 5% contribution for...




To buy or not to buy? This is, perhaps, one of the most googled and pertinent question that comes to mind for both newbies and experienced cryptocurrency traders. If you’re asking yourself this question (again), we’d recommend checking out the historic data and trends, rather than only having a sneak peak into past months events. That’s right, don’t be lazy and do your homework! This will ensure a clearer overview and make for a more informed...




We’ve previously wrote another article on Byzantium, one of the first stages of the overall upgrade planned by Ethereum. Well, today the hard fork has been officially tested and simulated. It is said the testing process will take up to a few weeks before the hard fork actually happens. This upgrade and testing on Ropsten is extremely important to the overall progress of cryptocurrencies, since ETH is the 2nd large and most notable coin. The results...




Similarly to Bitcoin, ETH is also experiencing high traffic and a wide number of transactions which are slowing the speed of the network. And following the BTC example – Lightning Network, ETH has also proceeded with The Raiden project, which has been mentioned ever since 2015 when work on it has begun, hoping to bring a solution for making payments faster and better copping with high volume of transactions. The Raiden project has added today a...




Yesterday was a big day for BTC, and we were all amazed to see how fast the coin is approaching a nice round figure, $5,000. The bitcoin price hit $4,802, but then slowly moved back to around $4,762. So, what should we think about all this progress? Is it a real, solid growth, or it’s more of a bubble artificially created? Some financial analists tend to believe there’s a vivid resemblance between the current stage of...




This week monero coin surprised us all by experiencing quite a boost and even reaching its all time record ($96 today). The event has followed the news from Bithumb, one major cryptocurrency exchange platform, which made the announcement of adding Monero trading pairs to its platform in the near future. It seems Bithump getting XMR listed was a decisive factor on what concerns Monero’s recent growth. After having a pretty steady path, without any significant price movement...


Best coin 2017

If you make a quick search on this matter, you’ll find the internet is sometimes divided by strong beliefs or even passionate speeches that might remind us of football fans arguing over which team might win the championship. There’s a clear “bitcoin team” which believes the veteran, reliable coin is the only one to consider on longterm, while we also have the “ethereum team” which sees in this coin a more diverse potential and...


Ethereum cryptocurrency

We’ve all watched pretty helplessly the recent developments in major cryptocurrencies, we’ve seen the red arrows and we’ve intensely debated as to why and for how long this might take. As you already know, on June 15th there’s been a major market correction when the big coins abruptly fell off the charts, just after they had a big boost in the days before. This unfortunate and somewhat mysterious phase has brought up many concerns, as...




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